Review – “Heavy Eyes” – Basement Revolver

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Review – “Heavy Eyes” – Basement Revolver

reviewed by Laura Stanley

After a good cry your eyes feel heavy. This physical release has left you tired and desperate for sleep. But if you surrender to the heaviness, when you awake, your perspective changes and you have renewed energy to face the world again.

On their debut LP, Hamilton band Basement Revolver see the world through heavy eyes. Lead by the hushed voice of Chrisy Hurn, the trio stumble (and fall and get up) through the emotions that come with maturing into an adult and employ a shoegaze/alt-rock haze to do so.

A yearning for clarity becomes immediately clear when, on album opener “Johnny,” Hurn sings, “my friends all tell me to hope for the best but I feel the worst. I try to get sleep but my body won’t stop shaking, I’m blue.” “I need sleep,” she later sings amongst the whiney ruckus of the title track. Elsewhere other anxieties come to light like the guilt you feel about your parents worrying about you (“Friends”) and a battle with self-confidence (“You’re Okay); “25 years and I still have my doubts,” Hurn sings on the latter track.

Hurn has an army behind her though to help combat her fears and to make it through the troubled times she describes throughout Heavy Eyes. On both “Friends” and “You’re Okay,” good people surround Hurn and lift her up. On “Knocking,” Hurn’s faith is a pillar of her strength: “My Lord, he carries mercy, he’s knocking at my door.” The very act of expelling these songs – some of which have been around since 2016 – feels like the weight has already been lifted.

Top Tracks: “Baby” ; “You’re Okay”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)


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