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Admiral Tibet
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Kennel Allen, more popularly known as Admiral Tibet was born in the small parish of St. Mary in Jamaica, where also he finished his education in Free Hill Primary and Port Maria Secondary Schools. Growing up, little Kennel has always had an ardent interest in music. Early on, he was already performing on sound systems in his small town and nearby provinces at a very young age. Upon his family’s support and insistence, when was able to hone and develop his musical skills. They had no idea that the little boy they once knew would make a big impact on the music industry later on.

Admiral Tibet followed his dreams and was finally able to land a record deal with producer Sherman Clacher back in 1985. The first track was “Babylon War” which gave him instant recognition both in the local and international music arena. One hit after another soon followed, with his single “Serious Time” because a sensational song that had people raving for more. Soon enough, Admiral Tibet was awarded as “Performer of the Year” by the Rockers Awards, which got him major bookings to appear in big concerts in Jamaica. He also toured abroad, that took him as far as Japan, Europe, and the United States. He captivated his audience with messages of love and unity that left them craving for more.

Despite his popularity and musical prowess, Admiral Tibet had remained humble and maintained a low profile. Unlike other performers of his time who aggressively jumped into cheap promotional bandwagons in desperate attempts to maintain the popularity, Admiral Tibet remained in touch with his roots. This set him apart from other artists along with the sincerity of his music that earned him adulation and respect worldwide.

Admiral Tibet certainly made his mark in the music industry, especially on the reggae fanatics at that time. The small town boy from Jamaica has effortlessly bowled the world over with his sheer talent and the powerful intensity of his songs. Today, His records are still revered with some available collector pieces that are expected to cost a significant amount of money. He was the supreme example of the power of one’s dream that sets an inspiration to many hopeful and budding singers who are also hoping to conquer the world through music. We all wait to see if anyone could ever match the sincerity and consciousness that made Tibet’s music popular.


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