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Just because Bermudians do not have nude beaches or that they conform to dress requirements when dining out does not mean they don’t know how to have fun on a Friday night. Sure, their judges wear those white ringlet wigs and everyone talks about a cricket match like it’s the next best thing since the light bulb. Well, their bars have DJ’s and live entertainment, but the number of nightclubs for those who want to bang their heads and sweat it out till the roosters start their call is very few. But then again, who says you can only have fun when you dance till you drop?

Bermuda clubs do exist. Regardless of the kind we’re talking. Well, if you’re such a sports fan, you’d probably think tennis clubs, golf clubs, and the like. But of course, we all mean the famous after-dinner parties that tourists would probably want to experience in Bermuda as well. The Bermuda clubs would most likely not have the usual hip hop crowds who like to dance on their heads and who think that dancing is synonymous to gymnastics. Whew!

You might be thinking that Bermuda clubs are a houseful of zombies, dragging their bodies to the beat. Definitely not. Bermuda clubs just require people to adhere to some dress codes. And maybe you would think cocktails dresses and tuxedos. But a smart casual attire is enough to allow one an entry to these nightspots. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t have anything against baggy shorts and baseball caps, and they sure have a few places where you can show off your stuff, if you insist.

Bermuda clubs abound. Each with different ways to capture its guests’ enough to let them have a good time in the end. However, there are other ways, besides clubbing, that will leave a more lasting memory. Take one of those night cruises and sail under starry night right after sundown. These cruises will take you along Bermuda’s coastline and lets you enjoy BBQ dinner, amidst the sound of a live dance band. Of course, the cruise does not last until the wee hours, so you can always catch up on the local Bermuda clubs when you get off the boat.

Generally though, Bermudians value the island tranquility, but they are proud to say they know how to let it not get in the way of anyone’s idea of fun. They believe that just because they wear knee socks doesn’t mean they all sleep right after dinner. And just because they like to dress casual doesn’t mean they don’t own a pair of baggy pants. So, whatever kind of nightlife you are aiming to find, Bermuda has that and more.


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