Dancing – A Ultimate Fun Way To Lose Weight!

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Dancing – A Ultimate Fun Way To Lose Weight!

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One of the biggest problems that we are currently facing in our generation today aside from malnutrition and poverty is obesity. Many people because of the many processed foods present in our markets today that contain unhealthy substances are diagnosed as obese. Being obese is just as unhealthy as malnourish. In order to stay your body fit and avoid obesity, you have to exercise regularly. One of the kinds of exercise to lose weight is dancing. Dancing is considered to be one of the most fascinating form of exercise. It makes your heart rate faster through movement which enables your heart to work healthily. It also tones and enables muscle movement. In a few hours of dancing, you already burn so much calories just like when you’re walking, swimming, or even riding a bicycle.
There are so many types of dance which are most effective in losing weight. One of these types is salsa dancing. It is a Latin dance which uses intricate movements which is very appropriate in burning calories fast. In salsa, you normally dance with a partner. There are also routines in salsa wherein you can dance individually. Salsa is considered to be a popular social dance in Latin America and can be performed with improvised steps or with a set and synchronized routine. It helps build endurance and stamina and burns off more than 420 calories per hour. It also helps release toxins in our body through sweating which contributes greatly in our overall fitness and well-being.
Another type of dance which helps in weight loss is hip-hop dance. In this type of dance, you dance in the beat of hip-hop music and the moves are fun and trendy. It is best enjoyed by people who both love dancing and hip-hop music. What distinguishes hip hop among other types of dancing is that almost all its moves or styles are freestyle or improvised. The usual scenario but often too complex example of how powerful hip-hop can be would be during dance battles wherein the dancers think of styles or moves to beat the other dancers’ moves. Hip-hop dancing is also one good cardio workout which means that when you sweat during dance sessions you develop good exercise for your heart and lungs. It’s even more enjoyable than jogging. Hip-hop dancing also improves or tones your muscles because it is performed dynamically and makes use of the flexibility of your muscles.
Aerobic dancing is also one type of dancing which is a good way to achieve in weight loss. This type of dance is intended specially for weight loss. It is usually performed at gyms or workout stations but since there already many DVDs available showing routines, we can already enjoy it at our respective homes wherein we won’t have to go to gyms anymore. Some of its health benefits include increased cardiopulmonary efficiency, stress and anxiety reliever, good for the heart and lungs, improved blood circulation, and helps in lowering our cholesterol level. But you have to make sure that you choose the proper routines and prepare the workout environment properly to avoid injury.
Lastly, one of the types of weight loss dances is ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing includes tango, the foxtrot, chacha and jive, among others. All these dances use fast and accurate movements good for burning a lot of cholesterol and calories. It is even considered as an intense aerobic exercise. It only doesn’t help in cardio but for the whole body as well. 200 to 500 calories can an average adult burn during an hour of dance depending on the intensity of the workout.
The types of dance stated above are just few examples of the effective weight loss dances. Many new and revived dances have since hit the scene which has been followed by many people. As losing weight is just a matter of self-control and discipline, following dance lessons and specific tips to shed off pounds would work just for you!


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