Hard Work Pays Off: The Life of Comedian Katt Williams

Hard Work Pays Off: The Life of Comedian Katt Williams

Being a comedian is not an easy job. It requires an immense amount of skill, creativity, persistence, confidence, and an all-around strong character to be able to pull it off. And pulling-off a comedian career does not necessarily mean that you become a hugely successful comedian. Yet among the hundreds, probably even thousands of comedians emerging all over the world, there is always a success story. And the term “success story” is most definitely embodied by the comedian Katt Williams.

Born Katt Micah Williams on September 2, 1975 in Ohio, comedian Katt Williams knew what he wanted at an early age. It has been noted by Katt himself that he told his parents of wanting to emulate his comedic idols Bill Cosby, Darnell Allen, and Richard Pryor. At his age at the time, it was a laughable statement but the now famous comedian Katt Williams proved just how serious he was by emancipating himself from his parents at the age of 13, taking only his dog with him to Florida.

Fame and fortune didn’t come quick for comedian Katt Williams as he worked as a street vendor after getting to Florida. But it was his time on the streets as a teenager that he honed his craft and made his way around the stand-up circuits of several states – Florida, Louisiana and California to name a few.

Comedian Katt Williams’ big break came in the form of winning a “best of” contest in California. This win propelled him to landing several roles in music videos, spots on stand-up comedy shows and roles in sitcoms. But the comedian’s work doesn’t stop at being a comic. He has collaborated with several rappers, most notably, The Game, and has recently been signed for a record deal under Warner Music.

But just like anyone who achieves any form of success, comedian Katt Williams is not immune to having criticisms, accusations, and troubles. He has been accused of being in cohorts with a group that gets a hold of yet to be released albums and then leaking it to the internet. One of his more recent troubles however, came in the form of an arrest at an airport for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon. Being the true comedian that he is, this didn’t affect his performance as he hosted the first ever BET Hip-hop Awards.

Whether you like his work or not, you can’t deny that comedian Katt Williams is testament to the saying that hard work does pay off. It paid off so well for him that no amount of trouble or controversy is able to make him swerve away from a career that he has wanted and has worked hard for since his childhood.

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