Live On Lincoln Presents The Jean P Jam Reggae Experience

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Live On Lincoln Presents The Jean P Jam Reggae Experience

Live On Lincoln Presents The Jean P Jam Reggae Experience


Sunday, March 18 1-4 PM FREE: The Lincoln Road BID presents “Live on Lincoln” featuring the Jean P Jam Reggae Experience at 1111 lincoln Road, at Alton. Jean Almatas (“Pokito”) is a talented singer and songwriter, bringing us deeply rooted music, and expands what we know as world music.The band played in several Festivals such as Bob Marley fest, One Love Nutri fest, Bay Jama Fest in Islamorada in the Keys, and Grand opening Big Nite in Little Haiti. Jean P Jam since then has been performing in local clubs, among which is his current base at Purdy Lounge, where every Monday night he brings the essence of music to everyone from all ethnic backgrounds. Pokito calls his music “Rootsy Juicy.”

At 28, he joined Magnum band, one of the most prominent bands in his native Haiti. In 1987 the band was invited for a USA tour and Pokito remained in New York City performing with them for 2 years. He has worked with such notable artists as Richie Booker (Bob Marley’s brother), Cedella Booker (Bob Marley’s mother), and Florida’s leading musicians, working as a highly sought after freelance. Pokito played for a few Local bands such as: No Man Gin, Me and the Blue Dog as rock musician, The Aristocrats as Soca and reggae musician. After touring Japan with Richie Booker, he decided to put his band (Jean P Jam) together in 2002 where he introduced his original world beat style called “Deep Roots.”

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