Morality of the Soul and Self

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Morality of the Soul and Self

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Morality is becoming a major issue. This is because people are discovering that many behavioral problems develop from immorality. Morality make up our ethnics, principles, integrity, decency, etc and is the “Code of Conduct,” that all must adhere to. Despite that, we have codes that encourage goodness, many people engage in wrongful activities, entertainment, et cetera that come out in their behaviors. The wrongful actions turn into immorality, which we see in many behavior patterns whereas people are engaging in illicit sex. This behavior alone has lead to life-threatening diseases.

The code of conduct – society expects us to follow this code of conduct, despite that the people that push this code are behaving unethically behind closed doors. So, we see that we live in a world of double standards, whereas we often see “Do as I say, and not as I do.” This is not the influences you want to follow; rather you want to follow the moral, natural codes of nature.

By following nature’s codes, you will feel healthier and happier; healthier and happier means that you will stumble upon self and the soul with ease. In short, we must learn to behave in accord with our natural feelings and instincts, rather than behave in accord with the majority. People do not make you who you are; rather you create your self by following the law of nature.

Today, millions of people are asking, what defines morality? Morality is defined according to some spectators as our chief principles or beliefs. However, our beliefs are set according to influential persuasions from learning, experiences and our overall past. We must reform our beliefs by gathering evidence, discovering facts that push our beliefs to a higher level. When you have sound beliefs, no one can knock you down.

Morality includes honesty. When you discover facts backed with evidence you develop one of the traits of morality, which makes it possible for you to get on the road of discovering soul and self. Some of the largest immoral issues we face include behavior patterns, such as sexuality. Sexuality emerges from immoral behaviors, such as viewing immoral programs on television, or listening to illicit music. Other behaviors include murder, stealing and so forth. Divorce is highly popular, which children are being raised in a single family home all over the world. Men leave their wife and children behind every day, which makes it harder for the children.

Adhering to the codes of conduct, we can see that when immoral issues crop up, we must step back. By stepping back, one will come closer to finding self. We must develop our conscious mind. Instead of allowing influences to persuade us, we must take the step to learn from nature and self. We will always have trouble by following other influences.

Finding self and soul is easier when you learn to depend on you. It takes you to move through the growing phases that lead you to discover soul and self.

We all must learn to self-govern our own being, otherwise we will be guided down the road to confusion and remain constant in this state. If you have, morality set by others, work now to reform your self. By doing so you will build integrity, which helps you avoid wickedness, the ultimate destruction of man.

Go online today to learn more about building your morality. You want to keep your goals and code of conduct in perspective rather than relying on someone else to produce your self and soul. The self and soul then is discovered by natural creation of self. Let your instincts guide you and build your conscious so that you can go against the unruly behaviors that will lead you astray.


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