Review 2012: The Biggest Songs In 2012

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Review 2012: The Biggest Songs In 2012

A lot of artists have been busy waxing new hits this year and so as the curtain draws down on 2012, it is decided to rewind and pause to take a look at the year’s biggest hits… so far.
Perhaps, the best indicator of popularity among songs today would be the clout it has across continents, major music billboards, sales and then finally, it’s social media impact.
Let us take a look that the biggest songs that hit the airwaves in 2012.
Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
Kelly Clarkson has gone a long way since her American Idol days. She returns this year with an upbeat and inspiring song that will make people listening a bit more empowered. She makes you feel the adrenaline when you listen to the message of this certified hit. If you feel down and depressed; this song will push you up and make you feel liberated.
Where Have You Been
Rihanna’s single Where Have You Been is a high-energy hit which is one of the singles from her Talk That Talk album. It is a song that really has zest and energy. The house track starts with a club soul with a slower start and a steady drum beat. In no time, she would belt out until the urgent breakdown heard after the chorus. This got to be one of Rihanna’s most danceable tunes to date and for this, the song makes the list of 2012’s hit.
Justin Bieber is back and he shows that he is all grown up with his 2012 hit “Boyfriend”. Influenced clearly by Justin Timberlake, Boyfriend is definitely Bieber’s best song to date. Bieber heads into a rap before proceeding to a falsetto which is a range that can be incredibly catchy to woo his fans around the world.
Rumor Has It
Rumor Has It is the fourth single from Adele’s highly successful 21 album. The British singer sings about the world trapped in gossip and misinformation. It offers a frenzy of hand claps and loud drums. As Adele belts out the song, everyone knows that this song could be the Rolling in the Deep of 2012. No wonder Adele got the gig to sing the theme for Skyfall.
One Thing
One Direction mania has brought the group to invade the US from their native Britain. This sweet love song will surely captivate their adoring fans. This sugary tune is so sweet that it can give you cavities. The irresistibly toe-tapping beat and the melodies will surely melt some one’s heart. The song’s strength is in its sing-along lyrics; way to go for karaoke.
Wide Awake
Katy Perry again finds way to make us fist pump some air with her new song for 2012 Wide Awake. The dance-pop ballad will find a reflection on how she became blind while on a relationship only to awaken to reality as she has been dreaming for so long. The song does justice to her vocal prowess and it is Katy’s best work to date.
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Taylor Swift delicately drives away from her country roots as this breakup anthem would surely make non-fans to sing along. The song has some electro incorporations and beats like a pink bubblegum. Swift describes an off-again and on-again roller coaster ride of a relationship. Without a doubt this is the most sassy and singable single from Swift.
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Fresh from her latest gig as a mother, Pink revitalizes her career with a new single, Blow Me as she lets it loose as she is fed up with her boyfriend that is full of____. This breakup anthem written by Pink in collaboration with Greg Kurstin has a up tempo and a sassy scream that only Pink can deliver.


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