Review – “The Sophia of Teenage Wedding” – Teenage Wedding

Review – “The Sophia of Teenage Wedding” – Teenage Wedding

a0930269647_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

Sophia is a central theme in hellenistic religion meaning knowledge and skill, so it’s fitting that the concept becomes the namesake of Teenage Wedding’s second album — a collection of songs with a sound developed on the wisdom and learning brought by their first.

The Victoria DIY staple once again brandishes unique guitar hooks and Pavement-esque vocals among unpolished production that evokes a frenetic sense of live performance. The growth that is found on this sophomore release speaks strongly of poetic depth: a sense of unity found in outside texts (along with religious sources, the band cites science fiction and Jungian psychology). “Wow! Signal” requests dancing with a happy bass line and bouncing rhythm. Semi-wary lyrics proclaim, “a message of hope from above / to those so sad and terrified / sent to use through hydrogen / a disinhibiting stimuli.”

“Disinhibiting Stimuli” is the name of the third track on The Sophia of Teenage Wedding, which repeats a verse from “Lilith” decrying that sex is knowledge and, more than that, a way out of the complicated physical world. All of these inter-album references lead to a cyclical sense of a bigger picture, something alive in the songwriting that invites deeper exploration. The heavy hum of bass on “Mary” soaks into “St. Maria”, which revels in an off-kilter melody that becomes addictive. Complexity exists unpolished for Teenage Wedding.

The Sophia of Teenage Wedding launched the band’s tour from coast to coast, and they have since been busy playing shows and sharing their active tunes around Victoria. Always active, always learning, Teenage Wedding will push onwards. Keep your eyes on the scene.

Top Track: “Lilith”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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