Satellite Internet Radios by XM and SIRIUS

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Satellite Internet Radios by XM and SIRIUS

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Satellite internet radios have become another service provided by XM Satellite Radio and SIRIUS Satellite Radio. This is another venture that both companies can gain a lot of exposure and make more money with. Both are providing these satellite internet radios over the web for a fee.

XM Satellite Radio has its XM Radio Online. It gives a subscriber access to over 80 channels of quality programming. Included here is XM’s music series – Artist ConfidentialTM and Then…Again…Live!TM. Also included is the World Zone®, XM music Lab® and The Flow®. ‘The Bob Edwards Show’ and the comedy program ‘Opie & Anthony’ are found here as well. AOL Radio channels having Adult Contemporary, Urban, Hip Hop and Country are exclusive to XM Satellite Radio customers.

With XM Radio Online you can try for free. During the free trial no credit card is required but one must have a valid US billing address. Monthly subscription would then be $7.99. If you are an existing XM Satellite Radio subscriber you may be able to avail of this service for free if you are eligible.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio has its SIRIUS Internet Radio. It has over 75 channels with no commercials & talk. It has in its programming Pop music, Rock , Country, Christian, Standards, and programs as Howard Stern, News/Talk, Comedy, Family & Kids, Sports and Entertainment. Its News/Talk category features Martha Stewart, and under Entertainment, it has Maxim Radio, Cosmo Radio and Playboy Radio.

With SIRIUS Internet Radio, one has to pay a monthly subscription fee of $12.95. If one is already a subscriber for the SIRIUS Satellite Radio service, one can have an additional monthly subscription of $6.99.

Satellite internet radios have made the satellite radio industry widen its reach. Their exclusive radio programming becomes available over the Internet. One should not expect though that all these channels from the main satellite radio service are available on satellite internet radios. These satellite radio service providers are bound by the Internet performance rights they have over such channels. If they don’t have the rights, they won’t be able to play these in their satellite internet radio service. As you may observe, their channel offerings online are lower than their standard offerings. It is best that you check out their websites and see which channels they offer in their satellite internet radio service. Visit and for more information.

Satellite internet radios will be able to give one a wonderful online experience. Original content and programming from any provider would prove to give one a unique online listening experience. It will give one the variety to one’s listening pleasure over the web.


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