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Tokyo Dragons

A hard-rock four-member band based in London, Tokyo Dragons have accomplished victory in the United Kingdom and internationally after releasing a winning album and doing a tour with groups such as Do Me bad Things, Winnebago Deal, and Status Quo. Steve Lomax (guitar, vocals), Mal Bruk (guitar, vocals), Mathias Stady (bass, Phil) and Martini (vocals, drums) make up the band; their bold dual guitar solo’s and hard rock harmonies have earned them their standing as “stadium-rock heroes” for a lot of their fans.

Tokyo Dragons first raised popularity when they appeared on an MTV2 program called Breaking Point, where four bands battled to bring home a recording contract. Tokyo Dragons lost the competition but they were signed on anyhow. Their very first single called Teenage Screamers which was launched June of 2004, reached the 61st spot in UK Single Chart, and 5th in UK Rock Chart. The band’s debut album launched in September of 2005 entitled Give Me the Fear, entered the 23rd spot in UK Rock Album Chart.

Their album Give Me the Fear contained music described as “unreconstructed ‘70’ sound”, which was released by the band’s fresh label Escapi. The album highlights excellent dueling guitar solos, as well as grandly rock choruses that gave the kind of music their devoted fans look for.

The Tokyo Dragons have had long tours with the band Do Me Bad Things, as well as storming the Download Festival. The band played alongside Winnebago Deal and The Datsuns during the famous Bulldog Bash; they also played a cool set at “Rockin the Castle” held in Scarborough along with the Wildhearts and Hanoi Rocks, and have completed a three-week UK tour, followed by an gripping New York visit.

Their first proper Europe tour came in December of 2005 supporting the band Nashville Pussy, holding great shows in Germany, Italy, France, and Switzerland. More tours seized the Tokyo Dragons into the New Year which included two exceptional charity gigs that supported the legends of Brit rock, The Almighty. Another terrific tour with the Nashville Pussy and a magnificent UK and European tour have surely fired up this band’s rock energy.

Some of the band’s singles include Teenage Screamers (June 14, 2004), Get ‘Em Off (October 11, 2004), What The Hell (February 21, 2005), and Come on Baby (February 6, 2006). With the band’s “solid” popularity in the music industry today, they’re definitely going to have more tours and albums heading their way.


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