Wild River Music Film Festival

Wild River Music Film Festival

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Totally different from the rest of the cinematic carnivals that are around, the Wild River Music Film Festival will still have its inaugural this coming September 6- 10, 2006. To be held in the downtown area of Saint Paul in Minnesota, the musical portion will showcase a myriad of diverse genres to be performed in an outdoor setting on Harriet Island and indoor venue at Roy Wilkins Auditorium.

Music headliners are Al Green who is believed to be the last great Southern soul singer, Taj Mahal who has preserved traditional acoustic blues, Nickel Creek where their style has a contemporary nerve, Mindy Smith who has an honest passion for the country classics, Tony Sims who is inspired by Sun Session heroes and White Light Riot where they can be best described as having self- expression free of self- indulgence, to name a few.

The movie parade of the Wild River Music Film Festival screens all the entries that come from different parts of the world. They are being viewed by the authorized persons in the 3M Theater at the Minnesota History Center. Disparate genres are featured in short flicks and featured documentaries. The premieres as well as the currently hot motion pictures that originate from far regions will also be carefully looked into.

Most of them are independent like the following that can be watched on the upcoming event: “Orquesta Tipica” from Argentina which is directed, written and produced by Nicolas Entel. “Homemade Hillbilly Jam” from United States which is written and directed by Rick Minnich. “Rubber Soul Project” which is from Serbia which is directed by Dinko Tucakovic. “Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea” from United States which is directed by Christopher Metzier and Jeff Springer. “No Strings Attached” from Ireland which is written, directed and co- produced by Maria O’ Loughlin.

As for the comedy aspect of the Wild River Music Film Festival, it will highlight the sauciest spoofs and improve troupes inside the Twin Cities that consists of the Idiot Box and Brave New Workshop. There will be a stand- up satire that will present some of the trendiest comics in the town and even in a global scale. It will all be performed on board the Minnesota Showboat.

Here are some of the artists that will churn your stomachs by laughter. Mary Mack who is a fold humorist that loves to recount her stories in life. Eric Nigg who was able to discover his knack for amusing others at such a tender age. Maxine Jeffris who is simply foil for hilarious surprises to come.

The Wild River Music Film Festival is indeed one- of- a- kind as it goes away from the glitzy glamour of the Hollywood’s silhouette. For those who are interested, they have tickets for sale: weekend pass is at $37. 50, Saturday or Sunday are both at $20 and all venue pass is at $75.

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